Smokepurpp Attempts A Miracle With "Walk On Water"

Smokepurpp -  Walk On Water

  May 08, 2019 13:43
Walk On Water
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Smokepurpp wastes little time in bouncing back.

Few would ever describe Smokepurpp as a miracle worker, though he has certainly done his due diligence. With a slowly expanding repertoire of Soundcloud Loosies and potential singles, Purpp has once again come through with a new banger, this time produced by B. Hunna. While "Walk On Water" evokes Biblical imagery, Purpp's energy is far more destructive. "Bitch I'm the GOAT feel like I walk on water," he raps in the opening lines, "suck on your bitch titty like I'm a toddler." Throughout the brief track, Purpp continues his aggressive flow, opting to beat the rhyme scheme nice and bloody.

The track is marked for release on his upcoming Lost Planet 2.0, an updated variant of his latest EP. As one of three additional songs, Purpp's "Walk On Water" proves that a B-Side can still bang given the proper room to breathe. You might not like his music, but you'd be foolish to knock the hustle. Has Purpp lived up to your expectations, throughout his brief career?

Quotable Lyrics

Bitch, I'm the goat, feel like I walk on water
I'm sucking your bitch titty like I'm a toddler
Walk with the Glock, I don't fuck with revolvers
Thump that boy out with his head, we play soccer

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